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The Discovery 2 is one of the best vehicles Land Rover® have produced but they are beginning to show their age. The usual issues are listed below but please be aware that we will diagnose the problem properly and provide you with an estimate before starting any work.

Rear Air Suspension Failure

Most Disco 2’s have air suspension on the rear. The usual problem is that the air springs wear out (look for perishing rubber on the crease in the bag) and leak air. If they continue to leak air this can put the compressor under strain which can then fail. The air compressor may also fail due to ingress of water if the filter hasn’t been changed as per the Land Rover® service schedule.
Pair of Dunlop Rear Air Suspension Springs – Fitted – inc VAT
Replacement Air Compressor – Fitted – inc VAT

Fuel Pressure Regulator Leaking Diesel

The regulator is on the drivers side of the engine at the rear near the top and the leak will normally flow down off the bottom of the engine. It may look black like engine oil as it picks up dirt on the way down. The failure is caused by poor design of the way the unit fits to the cylinder head and the unit will need to be replaced with a new metal gasket.
Genuine LR Fuel Pressure Regulator – Fitted – inc VAT

In Tank Fuel Pump Failure – Diesel

Poor starting and performance and/or a noisy pump are the usual symptoms. This cannot be tested by just removing the fuel pipe to check for flow. To properly diagnose the fuel pressure has to be measured.
New In Tank Fuel Pump – Fitted – inc VAT

Erratic Running, Engine Management Faults

This can be caused by ingress of oil into the Fuel Injector Wiring Loom which can seep as far as the engine ECU.
Replace Injector Wiring Loom and Clean Connectors – inc VAT

Head Gasket Failure – TD5

Land Rover® used plastic dowels to locate the head onto the block on early TD5 models. The dowels can break and allow the head to move around, leading to head gasket failure.

Sometimes an area of the engine bore can be chipped out by one of the valves due to the head having moved relative to the block. This can look serious but the damage rarely protrudes lower than the top ring on the piston. In this case, the engine does not have to be completely rebuilt.
Remove cylinder head, pressure test and replace with metal dowels and new head bolts – From inc VAT

Engine running on uncontrollably and/or engine sump filling up with diesel

Diesel can leak past the injector washers or in some cases the in-head fuel rail can crack. Both situations will cause a build-up of diesel in the sump. It is possible for the engine to run out of control and even fail completely if this happens (If you notice the dipstick level is too high on your TD5 engine, stop driving the vehicle and get it checked out)
Replace injector washers and test – inc VAT
Remove cylinder head and pressure test –
Supply and fit new TD5 cylinder head –
Supply and fit reconditioned TD5 engine with new head –

Broken Road Springs

This is caused by faulty manufacture which generally happens to the left hand side one. We can just change the broken one for you if you wish, however, if just changing the one we have previously had complaints of the handling not feeling quite right so we have a special price for changing them both.
Replace Both Front Springs and Shock Absorbers – inc VAT

All prices include parts, fitting and VAT.
Parts prices may vary depending on vehicle specification and availability when using OEM.

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