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LANDYLOGIC an Independent Land Rover Specialist carries out servicing to all Discovery 2,3,4, and Sport models TDi, TD5, V6 & V8 models . Having 30 years plus experience in Land Rover Discovery servicing, Landylogic follows the exact Land Rovers Defender service schedules. In our experience in servicing the Discovery’s Landylogic includes the following extras as part of our improved procedures for all services to keep your Defender in good health.

  • Land Rover Service Schedule A or B as standard
  • Includes a free battery and alternator check and report
  • Includes a free Coolant liquid quality check
  • Includes a free Coolant engine pressure test.
  • Includes a free Brake Fluid quality test.

as part of our normal full service (A or B) schedule as part of keeping your Discovery in excellent running condition. Landylogic believes in using only best quality genuine Land Rover or OEM parts and we only use Landrover specified lubricants for all oil changes and top ups. We will give you a detailed report on all service items that we recommend for attention and will not proceed on any repair until we have your agreement to go ahead, so no unexpected costs.


Looking to just do a filter and engine oil change, Differential oil change, transfer oil box change, Gearbox oil change or any other once off service requirements please contact us for your free quotation.


Landylogic also carries out all other repairs to Land Rover Defender models including Brake, Suspension, Cam Belt changes, Coolant changes, Clutch Changes, Turbo, Gearbox, Electrical or any other repairs that may be required. Landylogic will only carry out work that we have agreed on so you will never get an unexpected charge from us.

Your Land Rover Discovery ® will always benefit from an annual service. Enhance the value of your vehicle by maintaining a good service record. Our Discovery Servicing may also help you to avoid expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than a breakdown or failure.

A Quality Discovery Service using Original Equipment OEM Parts. Warranty Unaffected
We are not a Land Rover main dealer but we have been servicing Land Rovers and Range Rovers since 1957. We promise that your vehicle will be serviced by a qualified technician with several years of experience. Using our comprehensive service schedules your manufacturer warranty is unaffected. We will use our knowledge of the Land Rover Discovery to identify any problems.


Discovery 3 & 4 TDV6 

Landylogic recommends changing the Water Outlet Assembly every 120,000KM. This part is a known failure part that deteriorates slowly with the only clue being a loss of coolant. This loss of coolant can happen in small amounts which most owners will not even realise. This excels and the part will suddenly completely malfunction resulting in a total loss of coolant.  This causes engines to overheat without any pre-warning to the driver, which causes in most cases head and gasket failure. Over the years there is no specified distance or service schedule for this part and failures have been recorded between 130 and 16, 000  Kilometers.

We would recommend changing the part every 120 000 kilometers with a Land Rover original part. 

Landylogic would also highly recommend when changing the Overhead Cam belt every 160,000 kilometers that the oil pump be replaced at the same time.

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